were founded in 2013 and are headquartered in London in the UK.
The company a consultancy agency is the endeavour of Rebecca Goodwin which today offers a global service in funds recovery and has an international client base serving the US & Australia also.
Boasting nearly seven years of successfully recovering monies for clients from fraudulent online scammers in the investment and trading markets. The company is comprised of people that previously worked in the options and forex industry and people with knowledge of international banking and cyber-crimes.
Their expertise is specific to online trading platforms – Binary and Cryptocurrency fake brokerages operated online.
The magnitude of this type of financial fraud is staggering with tens of millions of victims every single year throughout the world.
Winchargeback offer an array of plans to clients in helping them recover their funds based on the amount of monies lost, including ‘no win, no fee’ plans.

Which services do they provide?

Winchargeback fight against the injustices of unregulated companies, who try to manipulate innocent people online to invest in fake platforms, specifically in binary options and cryptocurrency.

They offer three different funds recovery plans ‘Basic’, ‘Advanced’ and ‘Ultimate’, for those who have been misled and scammed by binary options and cryptocurrency scams. All involve a five step ‘battle’ plan as the company refer to it, in recovering your monies as outlined below:

Review: Once you contact Winchargeback an advisor will review your case to make sure it is valid and that you have a chance of recovering your monies, before proceeding.

To note as the team at Winchargeback are professional and diligent this can take up to 7 to 14 working days.

Evidence: With the clients input Winchargeback gather evidence and information to build up a case against the relevant fraud ‘broker’ in recovering your monies. A client may be asked to provide trading transaction statements, credit card statements, name of fraudulent company and all correspondence to date as part of this process.

To note this can involve up to 60 minutes on the phone with a Winchargeback advisor, normally four sessions of 15 mins.

Preparing/Planning winning case: Once the experts at Winchargeback have built up enough evidence they will endeavour to prepare a case for you which will involve working with your bank and credit card company in recovering your monies.

First Approach: Winchargeback will contact on your behalf all entities involved including the fraudulent company and regulators and processors in successfully recovering your monies.

The company can also offer contact with reputable attorneys best suited to the specific case, specifically for complex cases.

Funds Recovered: Money is back in your bank account via a chargeback, a recall or a signed settlement. A commission fee is taken by Winchargeback generally 20% (Advanced Plan) or 30% (Basic & Ultimate Plans) from the recovered funds.

Pricing                                                                       offer clients three different plan options for those trying to recover funds. To date the company has been successful in over 800+ cases, recovering over £10,000,000gbp paid in cashback to successful clients.
With the basic plan a ‘no win, no fee’ option is offered, and you receive full guidance and support throughout the process.
There is no up-front payment but if the case is successful Winchargeback take a 30% commission fee on the funds recovered.
With this plan Winchargeback can also offer legal advice starting at £100gbp charge if required for your case.
This plan is generally for cases from $5k and up.
The next offering from Winchargeback is an ‘Advanced’ plan, here the client must pay an upfront payment of $975.00(£750.00gbp), however if the case is successful Winchargeback will take a lower commission fee of 20%.
Normally this plan is for cases where clients are trying to recover $15k or more.
For extreme complex cases Winchargeback offer their ‘Ultimate’ plan, by contacting Winchargeback clients can receive a quote for upfront payments for this plan, again like the ‘Basic’ plan on successfully recovering your monies Winchargeback take a commission fee of 30%.
The ‘ultimate’ plan includes the best attorneys in the business to fight your case, Winchargeback offer reduced legal fees which are between £3,000.00gbp and £10,000.00gbp.

Customer Service

The customer service dept. is contactable via email at and by phone in the UK on +44 2032879242.
Winchargeback state they have the no1 customer service dept. on the market and the team are contactable Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am to 5pm GMT.
You can also send the company a direct message answering specific questions on the Winchargeback ‘contact’ website page.
This will require specific information about the case including: Payment method used when trading, the date of your last deposit, the amount deposited, balance left on your trading account and website address of fraudulent company/broker.
The customer service dept. will reply to your contact within 7 to 14 working days.
You may also have to provide documentation to back up your case and Winchargeback do charge a compliance fee which costs £159.00gbp. 
Some documents within a case can grow to over 50 pages. 
To note the company address is Juxon House, 100 St. Paul’s Churchyard, London, EC4M 8BU and business hours are from Mon-Fri 9:00hrs – 17:00hrs.

Conclusion offer high customer satisfaction with quality consultation with thorough case assessments and intelligence gathering. 
Incorporating simple steps for every facet of service provided, Winchargeback offer three unique plans with a 5* experience in funds recovery with excellent online reviews. have solved over 800 plus cases recovering millions of pounds in the process.
With superior negotiating skills added to a wealth of experience, is a proven winner when it comes to funds recovery.