Sterling Law, founded in 2017 is partnered with Payback-Ltd who specialise in the recovery of funds. 

The company provide cyber security within the network space and comprise of a team of expert anti-fraud managers and cyber experts to limit online financial scamming.

Their expertise is specific to online trading platforms – Binary, Forex or Contract for Difference fake brokerages operated online.

The company state they are a not for profit organisation and their mission is to ‘restore justice for the millions of people’ who have been victims of fake trading firms and to shut down this so called ‘black industry’.    

While also continuing to strive to develop new cyber systems in detecting anti-fraud, to prevent online fraudsters and scammers in the future.

Which services do they provide?

Sterling Law are a team of professional financial fraud consultants & lawyers who specialise in giving advice, assistance and support to victims of network online scams to help recover their monies.

Outlined below are the unregulated broker and online scams Sterling Law assist you with, while also detailing the steps involved in their successful process to recover your lost monies.

Broker Fraud Lawyers:

Brokers play a crucial role when it comes to investing our monies and trading, they are obligated to advise and recommend investments suitable to your specific situation.

The growth of online trading with millions of dollars at play has led to the emergence of ‘fraud’ brokers.

These ‘fraud’ brokers have one intention to solicit your monies promising you the world with unreal benefits, free bonuses, best platforms and guaranteed profits.

Sterling Law take decisive action against these ‘fraud’ brokers to recover the investor’s monies.

With their team of experts, they act as broker fraud lawyers to recoup your monies and fight against the injustices of fraud brokers and fraud investment firms.

Using specific resources, tools and techniques to track down these fraudsters, Sterling Law also provide you with trading advice detailing the authenticity of specific brokers which leads to safer online trading.

Forex Trading & Binary Options Scams:

Binary options are a form of fixed-odds betting where a trade involves whether an event will happen or not, for example the price of an asset will rise, and the outcome is either ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

While more and more consumers are being increasingly targeted by unauthorised forex trading and brokerage firms offering the chance to trade in foreign exchange and other commodities.

Sterling Law fight for you in recovering your monies from these rogue investment firms, planning a specific course of action based on details provided by the victim.

Using their expertise and designed strategies to determine the fraud which has taken place which will lead to successful recovery of funds lost.

They also provide cyber-security advice for safe forex and binary options online trading.

Online Fraud:

In a technical age where the internet is constantly evolving, fraudsters and cybercriminals are continually coming up with new ideas and schemes to make you part with your monies.

Online fraud can cause distress and financial loss and comes in many disguises – internet fraud, consumer cybercrime, online crime and e-crime. 

The professionals at Sterling Law have a well renowned strategy for recovering monies from online fraud, in working on your case using a fixed process of:

-First contact

-Discussion and Planning

-Final Strategy

Investment Fraud Defence:

Sterling Law also provides a service which details a list of known, reputable and authenticated regulated brokers leading to safe online trading.

Their expert team of professional’s work to give you a safe network environment to perform your trading in, while also advising on the latest cyber-security for online platforms.


A client can register for free online with Sterling Law and the company offer initial free consultation.

The company employ sophisticated cyber technologies to recover your monies including detecting software like ‘net place’ enabling them to track fraudsters and scammers.

Sterling Law are a non-for-profit organisation who are partnered with Payback-Ltd a company based in Israel who have a renowned reputation for recovering monies.

To note Sterling Law partner (Payback-Ltd) will request an initial charge which can vary from $600 to $1,200 for their services depending on a case by case basis.

A ‘success’ commission fee ranging from 7-9% is charged also by Sterling Law partner (Payback-Ltd) depending on a case by case basis, which is much lower than market competitors.

Customer Service:

The customer service dept. at Sterling Law is contactable via email @ info@sterling.law  and their phone number is: +44-2039616382 or  +41-4359089319

Office hours at Sterling Law are from 10am to 9pm - Monday to Friday.

Clients will also find an online registration form which they can use to contact Sterling Law.

On this registration form you will need to input your full name, email address, country you live in, phone number.

You will also be asked to enter the broker or merchant name, the amount that you have lost and the way monies were deposited to the vendor for example credit/debit card or bank wire.

Once this is completed you can include your story giving specific details of how you lost your monies through this form.

Upon clicking the ‘send’ button Sterling Law will receive your contact.

Once you contact Sterling Law a consultant will be in touch with you within 24hrs to discuss your case and put a strategic plan in place to recover lost monies.

The company states straight forward cases can be resolved within 2 weeks where more complex cases can take much longer.


Sterling Law offer quality consultation with thorough case assessments and intelligence gathering.

Combining a team of cyber experts and anti-fraud managers; Sterling Law use the most sophisticated software detecting systems to recover your funds.

While also working to develop future systems to give you a safer online trading and purchasing environment.

Sterling Law leave no stone unturned in making sure you recover your monies.