Payback-Ltd.com were founded on the back of the financial crisis of 2008 and are based in Israel.

The company protects people from any kind of online-fraud, especially Unregulated Forex and Binary Option Broker scams.

Established at a time when confidence was low in traditional ways of investments after the crash of 2008, which opened a window for fraudulent activities. 

The company is comprised of people that previously worked in the options and forex industry and people with knowledge of international banking and cyber-crimes.

Payback-Ltd.com have already protected millions of people from online fraud worldwide.

With an international client base serving the US, UK and Australia also, the companies mission statement is: ‘We aim to move heaven and earth to get your money back’. 

Which services do they provide?

Payback-Ltd.com offer a range of services from retrieving funds from unregulated brokers or from any form of online fraud and legal breaches of merchants.

Outlined below are the unregulated broker and online scams Payback-Ltd.com assist you with, while also detailing the steps involved in their successful ‘four-step’ process to recover your lost monies.

Online Fraud:

Online Fraud causes considerable distress to everyone it affects and can even culminate in serious financial problems.

These frauds and scams operate under many different disguises and go by many names including consumer cybercrime, internet fraud, online-crime and e-crime. 

The most common online-fraud scams include: ‘The Nigerian Scam’, ‘Guaranteed Acceptance for a Credit Card or Loan’, ‘Lottery & Pyramid Scams’ and ’Charitable Donations’.

In a recent report it was discovered 49% of consumers use their personal mobile devices for work and play leading to new security risks for mobile and e-commerce businesses.

With fraudsters using tactics like spear-phishing and programs like ransomware, attacks are getting more sophisticated. 

Forex & Binary Options Scams:

Binary options are a form of fixed-odds betting where a trade involves whether an event will happen or not, for example the price of an asset will rise, and the outcome is either ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

While more and more consumers are being increasingly targeted by unauthorised forex trading and brokerage firms offering the chance to trade in foreign exchange and other commodities.

There are 2 types of trading brokers a regulated broker and an unregulated broker, if you are trading with an unregulated company unfortunately you are going to lose your funds.

Fake, unregulated brokers normally lure traders in with promises of high returns and guaranteed profits, zero spreads or other unrealistic offers.

It is typical that accounts will be suspended or closed without notification and these fraudsters will refuse to return your monies.

Today most of the FX trading is now done online so it is easy for fraudulent companies to put together a high-tech web presence that looks entirely plausible.

Refunds & Cancellation:

There maybe a situation where a consumer may need to adjust or cancel a payment and request a refund:

‘If incorrect details were provided such as contact name, date, amount or gender.’

‘Or the precise service you contracted was not provided by the merchant or the product purchased is not up to standard or damaged.’

In such situations according to the terms and agreements of each transaction and each merchant, you should be entitled to get a refund and cancel the transaction.

Payback-Ltd.com – four step process: 

The Payback Ltd group uses a simplified four step process, they feel is the most efficient way of returning your money.

  1. Review all details of the complaint.
  2. Collect all necessary/relevant documentation
  3. Confront owners of the companies as well as their banks
  4. Claim back your funds.

The Payback Ltd team will require specific information to build up a case on your behalf, this information will include:

  • Bank and credit card statements and purchase receipts
  • All trading statements and transaction history
  • Contact information of the merchant or broker you have contract with
  • All communications you’ve had with the merchant or broker

This information will then be analysed to ensure that it is valid, so that the team can start pursuing your funds.

Generally, the process can take up to six to nine months or more straightforward cases can be completed within two to three months.


Payback-Ltd.com offer an initial free consultation for those trying to recover funds.

The company request an initial charge which can vary from $600 to $1,200 for their services depending on a case by case basis.

This amount is agreed upon with the Payback-Ltd consultant following the initial consultation.

The extensive experience Payback-Ltd.com have gained from working on more than 700 projects is a testament to the expertise they are willing to explore in order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

The company charge a ‘success’ commission fee ranging from 7-9% depending on a case by case basis, which is much lower than market competitors.

For example: a trader who has lost $6,000.00 will be charged 7% along with the upfront fee by Payback-Ltd.com – so Payback-Ltd.com get $420.00 and you receive back $5,580.00 upon a successful claim.

Customer Service:

The customer service dept. at Payback-Ltd.com is contactable 24/7.

They can be reached via email @ support@payback-ltd.com and by phone number in the US, UK, Israel and Australia at the following numbers: 

Toll Free: 1-800077165

US: 1-6469680944

UK: +44 – 2382146966

Aus: +61 – 862445447

IL: 03-3094596

Upon contacting the customer service dept., you will be asked numerous questions and to provide relevant documentation to ascertain the validity and determine the probability of success of your case.

If the company believe your case has a chance of success an initial fee is outlined by the Payback-Ltd.com consultant and if it’s agreeable to you, the company will begin to build a case to recover your funds.


With a 4.4 rating out of 5-star reviews, Payback-Ltd.com offer high customer satisfaction and low charge & commission fees to recover your money.

As outlined the company have a wealth of inhouse experience, working on both local and international cases to date which makes them an experienced market leader in this industry.

The company utilise their simplistic successful ‘four-step’ process to help you recover your monies.