MyScamAdviser.com are headquartered in the district of Brevnov in West Prague in the Czech Republic.

The company is a not for profit organisation and are operated by Stone LP International.

With their motto ‘It’s time to take action against fraud’, MyScamAdviser.com offer support and advice to investors who have lost monies through fraud investment and online trading scams.

MyScamAdviser.com offer free consultation and have a team of professionals who can assess your case and if required refer you to reputable ‘fund recovery’ companies to help you recover your monies.

If you have lost monies via binary options or trading in forex or crypto currencies, MyScamAdviser.com have multiple strategies in place which can help.

MyScamAdviser.com also offer referrals to reputable law firms if your ‘chargeback’ case requires this.

Which services do they provide?

MyScamAdviser.com exist to give guidelines and support to innocent people who have lost monies through trading scams. 

Whether you’ve paid out by credit card, wire transfer or bitcoin MyScamAdviser.com are here to help.

Outlined below are the trading and online scams MyScamAdviser.com assist you with, while also detailing the steps involved in their recovery and referral program.

Investment & Trading Scams:

MyScamAdviser.com help victims of online trading scams and on their website, they provide a list of ‘scam’ unregulated brokers.

The company also support those who have been victims of fake trading forums.

Binary options, forex and crypto currency forums can offer plenty of information, but it does not mean the information is of high quality. 

Such forums can be littered with scammers looking to take your monies by gaining your trust, while fake forums tend to promote unregulated brokers.

With their expertise in the field of financial and investment trading MyScamAdviser.com also offer support to those who have lost their monies from bogus ‘fake’ investment commercials, offering you quick win solutions from investments with no risk.

MyScamAdviser.com also fight against trading scams in the following fields CFD’s, Binary Options and crypto currencies; Fake, unregulated brokers normally lure traders in with promises of high returns and guaranteed profits, zero spreads or other unrealistic offers.

Using fake trading platforms which are nothing more than video games.

It is typical that accounts will be suspended or closed without notification and these fraudsters will refuse to return your monies.

MyScamAdviser.com state if you are trading to always choose a reputable broker near your place of residence preferably, the company can provide you with reputable sources as part of your research.

They have a huge knowledge and experience in dealing with unregulated brokers and can also refer you to a reputable recovery funds firm and law firms in negotiating with banks and credit card companies in the recovery of monies.

The Company offers the following services when it comes to recovering funds from online trading scams which are: 

First Contact: Client makes contact by mail or phone outlining details about relevant case.

Claim Assessment: MyScamAdviser.com will assess your case and determine if you have a chance of recovering funds.

The company may request trading transaction statements, credit card statements in assessing and building up your case.

Discussing and planning: Once MyScamAdviser.com have reviewed your case they will advice on the best course of action to take.If they believe your funds are recoverable they will refer you to a reputable funds recovery company.

Final Strategy: If you want to take appropriate action MyScamAdviser.com will put you in contact with a specific ‘chargeback’ firm to begin the process of recovering your monies.

As outlined MyScamAdviser.com also offer referrals to reputable law firms if your ‘chargeback’ case requires this.

MyScamAdviser.com pride themselves on Consultation, Case Assessment, Intelligence Gathering and Referrals.


MyScamAdviser.com are a non-for-profit organisation and offer an initial first free consultation for those trying to recover funds.

The company is primarily a referral company and if they believe your funds are recoverable, they will refer you to a fund recovery company.

MyScamAdviser.com state this referral is free of charge on their website.

To note commission rates for recovery fund companies can range from 7% to 35% depending on the amount being recovered and this may be based on a case by case basis.

As detailed once MyScamAdviser.com agree that your monies can be recovered they will connect you with the relevant ‘chargeback’ company who will be able to outline their rates.

The company also state that they can refer you to reputable law firms free of charge.

Customer Service:

The customer service dept. at MyScamAdviser.com is contactable via email @ main@MyScamAdviser.com

The company address is Stone LP International s.r.o Radicova 2479/7,Brevnov, 169 00 Prague 6 IC: 08029113. 

Their office opening hours are Monday to Friday 10:00 – 19:00 and office phone numbers are: 442036958666 and 448718073882.

You can also send the company a direct message filling out the ‘send’ form on the contact page of the company’s website.

This will require specific information about the case including: Full Name, Email, Phone, Country of Residence, Amount Lost, Broker Name and Deposit Method.

The customer service dept. will reply to your contact and you will be asked numerous questions to ascertain and determine the probability of success of your case.

You may also have to provide documentation to back up your case.

If MyScamAdviser.com believe your case can be successful they will refer you to a reputable recovery funds company whom they work with.

For complex cases the company also state that they can refer you to reputable law firms in the fight to recover your monies.


MyScamAdviser.com offer free consultation with a dynamic individual approach to every case.

Incorporating simple steps for every facet of service provided, MyScamAdviser.com offer a referral program to reputable recovery fund and law firms. 

No matter how complex the situation, MyScamAdviser.com help you recover your monies.