Money-Back.com were founded in 2007 and are headquartered in Tel Aviv in Israel.

The company was founded by James Anderson and are owned and operated by Media PR Online Ltd with offices also in the UK, Australia, Canada and Switzerland.

Money-Back.com are primarily a funds recovery organisation helping investors who have lost monies through fraud investment and trading scams.

In an industry of scam artists and online fraudsters Money-Back.com have a team of professionals with vast working knowledge of both online trading fraud and cyber-crime.

They also provide pre-investment consulting to eliminate fraudulent activities and fight all types of online fraud supporting the victim in all circumstances.

More recently the company have been supporting smaller businesses with best accounting and tax practices also.

Which services do they provide?

Money-Back.com fight against the injustices of unregulated companies, who try to manipulate innocent people online to invest in fake platforms.

Outlined below are the trading and online scams Money-Back.com assist you with, while also detailing the steps involved in their recovery program.

Investment & Trading Scam:

The primary goal of Money-Back.com is to help people recover their monies due to online fraud, their expertise is in the field of financial investment and trading.

They have a huge knowledge and experience in dealing with unregulated brokers and negotiating with banks and credit card companies.

The Company has six key steps when it comes to recovering funds from online trading scams which are: 

Representative: Client makes contact by mail or phone outlining details about relevant case.

Claim Assessment: Money-Back.com will only take cases worth pursuing, if they believe your monies are not recoverable, they will not take up the case.

Resolve Problem: A multifaceted approach involving our lawyers contacting the credit card company or the processing companies.

A formal letter will be sent to the relevant bank and to the ombudsman of the bank if required.

While contact will be made to the unregulated brokerage by revealing them to specific government departments for not paying tax in the specific country that they are based in.

Patience is Key: Dependent on the complexity of the case the pursuit of monies may take anything from one month to six according to Money-Back.com.

Getting Answers: Answers should be forthcoming from the financial services to reach a settlement.

Funds Recovered: Money is back in your bank account via a chargeback, a recall or a signed settlement. A commission fee is taken by Money-Back.com.

Consulting & Recovery:

Money-Back.com also offer the client a consulting service about specific brokers the client wants to trade with.

Determining that the broker is regulated and that the company is reputable, Money-Back.com also check for a history of any fraudulent behaviour.

Financial Crimes:

Crimes of a financial nature can affect not just individuals and companies but also countries having a negative effect on the entire economy through a considerable loss of money.

Criminals have the specific intention to destabilise the market for personal gain, directly or indirectly, Money-Back.com lead the charge in the fight against this online fraudulent behaviour.

Money-Back.com have a simple four step process when it comes to online fraud – Identify, Distribute to Law Enforcement Authority, Exchange Operational Information, Support Operations (Increase awareness).

Full-Service Tax & Financial Planning:

More recently Money-Back.com offer accounting & tax services, to advise and help you every step of the way with your business.


Money-Back.com offer an initial free consultation for those trying to recover funds.

To date the company have been successful in hundreds of cases.

The company don’t state their commission fee this is based on a case by case basis, but they do state they are open to negotiation.

To note commission rates for recovery funds can range from 7% to 35% depending on amount being recovered.

As detailed once moneyback.com agree that your monies can be recovered the commission fee can then be negotiated.

This fee is only taken upon successful recovery of your monies.

Customer Service

The customer service dept. is contactable via email @ INFO@MONEY-BACK.COM and their phone numbers at the relevant offices are:

Israel: +97279-9103657

Australia: +61283109245

UK: +442039663529

Can: +16474906331

Swiss: +41225083087

You can also send the company a direct message filling out the ‘send’ form on the contact page of the company’s website.

This will require specific information about the case including: Full Name, Email, Phone, Country, Amount Lost and details of your case.

The customer service dept. will reply to your contact and you will be asked numerous questions to ascertain and determine the probability of success of your case.

You may also have to provide documentation to back up your case also.

Some documents within a case can grow to over 50 pages.

To note the company address is Arlozerov 111, Tel Aviv 6209809, Israel and business hours are from Mon-Fri 9:00hrs – 17:00hrs.


Money-Back.com offer high customer satisfaction with free consultation and no hidden charges.

Incorporating simple steps for every facet of service provided, Money-Back.com offer a 5* experience in funds recovery with excellent online reviews.

With superior negotiating skills added to a wealth of experience, Money-Back.com help you recover your monies.