Overview :

Funds-Recovery.com are an international consulting firm specialising in the recovery of assets.

The company's HQ is in Israel butthey also have offices in the US, UK and Australia and focus primarily on Binary Options, Crypto Currencies, CFD’s and Forex Scams. 

Funds-Recovery.com have amassed by far the largest database of scam brokerage outfits, which are listed on their website.

The magnitude of this type of financial fraud is staggering with tens of millions of victims every single year throughout the world.

The company offer free consultation with an international client base serving the US, UK and Australia also.

With that ‘can do’ attitude they state: ‘No matter how complex your situation is we have a solution for you’.

Which services do they provide?

Funds-Recovery.com specialise in scams relating primarily to Binary Options, Crypto Currencies, CFD’s and Forex Scams.

The company pride themselves on their detailed database of scam brokers, helping investors recover their monies from unlicensed, fraudulent brokers and exchanges.

Outlined below are the online unregulated broker scams Funds-Recovery.com assist you with and their process for recovering your monies.

Forex Scams:

Trading over $5 trillion a day including currency options and futures contracts, the forex market offers the lure of earning fortunes in a short timeframe.

With instant online trading, more and more consumers are being increasingly targeted by unauthorised forex trading and brokerage firms offering the chance to trade in foreign exchange and other commodities.

Forex scammers tend to target beginners or uneducated traders with promises of high returns and guaranteed profits with little or no risk.

It is typical that the platform you are trading on is just a ‘video game’ setup by these unregulated brokers, it is normal to initially make gains.

But accounts will be suspended or closed without notification and these fraudsters will refuse to return your monies.

Crypto Currencies Scams:

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets.

Bitcoin is generally considered the first decentralised cryptocurrency, since its launch in 2009 over 4,000 altcoins have been created.

In 2018 losses from cryptocurrency-related crimes totalled to US$1.7 billion dollars.

These fraudsters use old-fashioned methods including ponzi schemes where the cryptocurrency fraudsters use monies swindled from investors to pay out new investors while also manipulating currency prices illegally.

While also using new-technology tactics featuring automated software that interacts with Telegram, such as ‘Crypto Callz’ an internet-based instant-messaging system popular among people interested in cryptocurrencies.

Which is one of dozens of so called ‘pump and dump’ groups, the goal of the fraudster to conjure speculative buying frenzies around new digital currencies and cash in on them.

Binary Options Scam:

Binary options are a form of fixed-odds betting where a trade involves whether an event will happen or not, for example the price of an asset will rise, and the outcome is either ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

The investor will see a return on their investment if they ‘win’ or ‘lose’ their full investment if they are incorrect.

Normally binary option fraudsters advertise on social media with ad links to what look like professionally designed websites.

Manipulating software to distort prices and pay outs and terminating trading accounts without notice while refusing to pay out.

CFD Scams:

A popular form of derivative trading is contract for difference (CFD), enabling you to speculate on fast-moving global financial markets to trade whether prices of shares, indices, commodities, currencies and treasuries will rise or fall.

Normally these rogue CFD brokers will advertise with aggressive online ads promoting a millionaire’s lifestyle with only two hours of trading a day.

By signing up with these unregulated brokers you are guaranteed to lose your funds and as CFD’s are unregulated in the US, it adds another layer of complexity to the process of recovering your funds.

Funds-Recovery.com – recovery process: 

Funds-Recovery.com use a straight-forward process of firstly listening to the client’s complaints and giving specific recommendations.

With the clients input they gather evidence and information to build up a case contacting the relevant fraud ‘broker’ and their bank directly to recover your monies or valuables.

Given the experience and the hundreds of cases worked on against unregulated brokers, it maybe possible they have recovered monies from the specific unregulated broker in the past.

This will also shorten the timeframe of recovery of monies which generally can take from 2 months right up to 6 months for more complex cases.


Funds-Recovery.com offer an initial free consultation for those trying to recover funds.

The company don’t state the amount they charge for successful recovery of funds, the amount they say differs on a case by cases basis.

If Funds-Recovery.com believe your case is valid and monies can be recovered, an amount is agreed upon with the Funds-Recovery.com consultant following the initial consultation.

The extensive experience Funds-Recovery.com have gained from working on hundreds of projects is clearly displayed on their website with their ‘blacklist’ page naming and shaming of some of those fraudulent unregulated brokers who they have recovered funds from to date. 

Customer Service:

The customer service dept. at Funds-Recovery.com is contactable via email @ Support@funds-recovery.com and by phone number in the US, UK, and Australia at the following numbers: 

US: 1-6468447451

UK: +44 – 2038687010

Aus: +61 – 386521285

The company also offer an online registration form where you can tell your story and include relevant details such as name, number and email address.

As detailed the company have a so called ‘blacklist’ page on their website, which outlines the unregulated brokers they have recovered monies from – if your complaint is with regard to one of these unregulated brokers you can link your details and tell your story through this specific unregulated broker by clicking on the ‘broker’ name on the ‘blacklist’ page on the website.

The company don’t outline office hours on their website.


Funds-Recovery.com have one of the largest databases of listed unregulated brokers on the market, which they have successfully recovered monies from.

They have a wealth of experience in tackling both local and international fraudsters and are happy to tackle all cases however complex.

With very good online reviews their simplistic, successful approach is a proven winner for the recovery of funds.