Cyber-Shields.com are a security and funds recovery company which are based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The company are here to put an end to the phenomenon of online trading scams in Binary Options, CFD’s, Forex Trading and CryptoCurrency, while also promoting safer online trading platforms.

Cyber-Shields.com are one of the most popular recovery funds company on the market with a fantastic track record and a motto of ‘We believe in a safer more reliable cyber environment’.

With a dedicated team of experts who are experienced at data collection and investigative methods and used to negotiating with credit card companies and banks, making sure you get the best outcome.

Cyber-Shields.com believe they are number 1 when it comes to recovering funds.

Which services do they provide?

Cyber-Shields.com offer a range of services from retrieving funds from unregulated brokers and promoting online trading safety within Binary Options, CFD’s, Forex Trading and CryptoCurrency. 

Outlined below are the unregulated broker and online trading scams Cyber-Shieds.com assist you with, while also detailing the steps involved in their successful process to recover your lost monies.

Worldwide fight against online trading scams:

Cyber-Shields.com take action against Binary Options, Forex, Crypto Currencies and CFD’s scammers, recovering funds for victims while making these businesses illegal in many different countries.

In certain complex cases they work with numerous international law firms in achieving this goal.

Increasing awareness of online trading scams:

Cyber-Shields.com also raise awareness to clients of online trading fraud and unregulated brokers.

The company believe it’s both critical and important to make the internet a safer place.

In the fight against online trading fraud.

Recover Victims Funds:

With a dedicated team of professionals, Cyber-Shields.com work diligently to build your case up, to enable your funds to be recovered.

An experienced hard-working team, their success rate is there for all to see.

Never Ending Fight against Unregulated Brokers:

In the trading world there are two types of brokers the regulated ones and the unregulated ones.

If you are affiliated to an unregulated broker you are destined to lose your funds, these un-licenced companies are nothing but scammers.

Cyber-Shields.com are in a constant battle to bring these illegal brokers to justice.

Self-Protection as Key:

As the internet becomes more sophisticated so do the online trading scams. Cyber-Shields.com can’t state enough how you should be always vigilant of online trading scams and only choose reputable brokers.

Cyber-Shields.com – four step process

Cyber-Shields.com uses a simplified four step process, they feel is the most efficient way of returning your money.

1)Contact – you can contact via phone or email. Cyber-Shields.com will require three pieces of valid information: Name of the Fraudulent Company, Date of Transaction and Amount of Money transferred.

The team will respond immediately to your contact.

2)Case Reviewing & Data Collection – A Cyber Shield’s team member will require as much details as possible about your case including bank statements showing transactions etc.

So, he/she can determine whether the monies are recoverable and the case winnable.

The Cyber Shield team member will let you know straight away if the monies are recoverable, as they state: ‘we won’t let our experts work 24/7 on a futile, un-resolvable case’.

3)Work, Work, Work – Once the Cyber Shield service dept. team confirm your monies are recoverable, they begin working to build your case.

With a team of broad industry experts who are used to dealing with financial authorities. 

4)Money back guarantee – Cyber-Shield.com state you will join the thousands of people who they have helped recover their funds from online trading scams in the past.

Generally, the process can take up to six months or more straightforward cases can be completed within two to three months.

Cyber-Shield.com are renowned for their 24/7 efforts and are always aiming for quick turnaround times.


Cyber-Shields.com offer an initial free consultation for those trying to recover funds.

Following initial analysis and agreement that your funds are recoverable a commission fee will be agreed with the Cyber-Shields.com team member.

This amount can differ on a case by case basis. 

The extensive experience Cyber-Shields.com have gained from recovering monies for thousands of clients is a testament to the expertise they are willing to explore in order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

The company to date has recovered funds totalling $782,952, with a database list of unregulated brokerages they have brought to justice for clients.

Customer Service:

Cyber-Shields.com state they are contactable 24/7.

The customer service team can be reached via email @ info@cyber-shields.com and also have a Facebook Page you can message.

Cyber-Shields.com are also contactable on the following phone numbers in Israel: 

Ph: 442039616382 or on Ph: 41435089319

You can also submit your case on the ‘Contact’ page of the Cyber-Shields.com website.

Detailing your full name, country of residence, email address, phone number, amount lost, broker name, deposit method.

Upon contacting the customer service dept., you will be asked numerous questions and to provide relevant documentation to ascertain the validity and determine the probability of success of your case.

If the company believe your case has a chance of success a fee is outlined by the Cyber-Shields.com team member and if it’s agreeable to you, the company will begin to build a case to recover your funds.


Cyber-Shields.com have a proven track record when it comes to fund recovery, the results are there for all to see.

Utilising their simplistic successful ‘four-step’ process Cyber-Shields.com have helped thousands of people in recovering their monies.

With a team of diligent experts with the relevant experience to fight your case against the online trading fraudsters.