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About Us

The growth of fraudulent trading companies has been explosive over the past 7 years with millions of victims world-wide. We were scammed as well and we lost a great deal of money. The reason we set-up this site is so people who fell victim to scams such as these would have a place to turn to. There are many companies that claim they can return your lost funds to you. However, the internet is rife with people with bad intentions and it takes experience to know how to avoid them. We’ve worked for two years focused on finding the most trusted companies so you won’t have to.

What Will Your Reviews Tell Me?

Given the fact that there are dozens of retrieval companies in existence today, it’s hard to know which one you can trust, not to mention impractical. It would also cost a lot of money. With that in mind, we’ve gathered together all the information we could possibly find on these chargeback companies and put together a list of the best ones out there. This information comes from real user reviews, official complaints, our own personal experiences, and much more.

With this information, we have weeded out some of the companies that we don’t believe are trustworthy and compiled the information about the best ones in a convenient and easy to read format. This will allow our visitors to learn about what each site has to offer and make an educated decision about which company they’d like to choose.

What Makes Our List the Best?

While it is true that our site is funded by monetary compensation we are paid by the companies when people sign up using our links, we do not let that influence our reviews in any way. In fact, the people who create the actual reviews are not told anything about how much a given company pays for each lead (or even if they pay at all). These reviews are written based on our honest opinion and analysis of the facts discovered during research. We truly believe that the companies we review are among the best in the industry, and that the information we provide to you will help you to find the one that will help you secure a successful chargeback and get your money back.